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A world-class training program that will take you from Amazon Novice to Wholesale Pro!
  • ¬†Introduction to Amazon wholesale
  • ¬†¬†Our overall goals, strategies and objectives (aka the game plan)
  • ¬†How to set your business up for success before you start
  • ¬†Setting up a legal business and which is right for you?
  • ¬†Building a website for vendors and suppliers
  • ¬†Everything you need to know about Amazon Seller Central (this is a full training on how to use everything within Seller Central)
  • ¬†What I look for in a wholesale supplier
  • ¬†My personal method for finding profitable vendors
  • ¬†2 additional methods I use to find profitable brands & distributors
  • ¬†Email templates I use to contact suppliers¬†
  • ¬†Telephone scripts I use to contact suppliers¬†
  • ¬†Rebuttal book to overcome any objection from brands/vendors¬†
  • ¬†How to make sure brands take you seriously
  • ¬†How to open accounts with virtually any supplier
  • ¬†How to negotiate discounts + my negotiating script
  • ¬†Building relationships with your vendors
  • ¬†How to find profitable replenishable products Method #1
  • ¬†How to find profitable replenishable products Method #2
  • ¬†How to find profitable replenishable products Method #3
  • ¬†My product criteria (what kind of products to buy)
  • ¬†How to make educated buying decisions
  • ¬†What type of products to avoid
  • ¬†Determining how much to buy (when to go deep & when to go wide)
  • ¬†Selling bundles, duo's and multi-packs
  • ¬†Using historical price data to your advantage
  • ¬†Understanding all Amazon fees & expenses
  • ¬†How to use my custom product scanning software
  • ¬†My personal inventory management system
  • ¬†How to properly manage your inventory
  • ¬†How to properly manage your money as it pertains to Amazon
  • ¬†How to ensure your products sell as much as possible, for as much as possible
  • ¬†How to compete against other sellers
  • ¬†How to price your products
  • ¬†Winning the Buy Box
  • ¬†When not to win the Buy Box
  • ¬†Avoiding price-wars and "racing to the bottom"
  • ¬†When to compete against Amazon
  • ¬†Re-pricing strategies
  • ¬†Setting up minimum & maximum prices
  • ¬†Business accounting best practices
  • ¬†When to replenish items and how much to order
  • ¬†How to monitor your products and keep track of inventory growth
  • ¬†How to scale your business
  • ¬†Utilizing sales, promotions & Lightning Deals
  • ¬†Understanding monthly & long term storage fees
  • ¬†How to create fully optimized new product listings that will rank
  • ¬†Business reports and understanding your numbers
  • ¬†Diversification & Multi-Channel Fulfillment
  • ¬†How to use automation to put the business on auto-pilot
LOGISTICS (Prepping & shipping strategies) 
  • ¬†Supplies: What you need to buy and where to buy it
  • ¬†How to prepare physical products to send to Amazon FBA
  • ¬†Best Shipping practices
  • ¬†Seller Central shipment creation & management
  • ¬†When to use a prep center
  • ¬†How to get your supplier to ship directly to Amazon
  • ¬†How to save money on shipping
  • ¬†How to secure negotiated shipping rates
  • ¬†International shipping
  • ¬†Keeping track of your physical inventory
  • ¬†When to hire employees and how to train them
  • ¬†How to get ungated in any category and brand
  • ¬†Best practices for keeping your account in good standing
  • ¬†How to deal with Amazon
  • ¬†How to deal with customers
  • ¬†How to maintain 100% feedback and remove negative feedback
  • ¬†How to prevent account suspension
  • ¬†5 things to do weekly to keep your account performance at 100%
  • ¬†List of potential pitfalls and mistakes to avoid
  • ¬†This is a full-length course on the international side of the wholesale FBA business
  • ¬†Specific training for the Amazon UK & EU marketplaces
  • ¬†How to take advantage of Amazon's European FBA network and get brand name products to Prime customers in 26 European countries
  • ¬†How to take your Amazon US business international
  • ¬†Overseas shipping & logistics
  • ¬†Taking advantage of foreign currencies in other markets
  • ¬†Amazon Beyond (exploring opportunities in marketplaces like Asia, India and South America)
  • ¬†How to make money with Online & Retail arbitrage to compliment your wholesale business
  • ¬†My own custom Amazon software program for students (same one I use for my business)
  • ¬†Wholesale buying club where we pool our money to split large wholesale deals
  • ¬†Negotiated group pricing for all supplies¬†
  • ¬†Negotiated group pricing for shipping¬†
  • ¬†Big discounts on professionally built e-commerce websites
  • ¬†Big discount on ungating services
  • ¬†And more from some of the top service & software providers in the industry
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  • ¬†A private mastermind group with direct access to me
  • ¬†Weekly live training, Q&A's and guidance
  • ¬†Additional 8-figure sellers will be in the group to offer even more help
  • ¬†A network of like minded entrepreneurs all helping each other win
  • ¬†New course videos and training released directly to the group
  • ¬†In person meet-ups and events
  • ¬†Wholesale buying club
  • ¬†Access to my custom Amazon software
  • ¬†Additional specials offers and discounts